Armed & Desperate live at Tobacco Road with the Mad Skeleton1-5-2011

ARMED & DESPERATE return to the Road….Tobacco Road that is! This Wednesday, Jan. 5…at 10pm live with The Mad Skeleton. We look forward to smothering you all with our rock and roll sounds!  The show is free, click on the flyer for more…

Armed & Desperate 1-5-2011 10:00PM

Armed and Desperate live at Tobacco Road


2 Responses to “Armed & Desperate live at Tobacco Road with the Mad Skeleton1-5-2011”

  1. Cornelia says:

    That’s a welthl-ought-out answer to a challenging question

  2. Rangga says:

    mad dog > 唉……………..卡臣 > 多謝肥仔 > 等到 80 歲啊可能……jetaime > 你知我無員工價架啦~Icey Cake (冰餅) > “黃生或搵人指點, 都係中式心理醫生” 所謂一命二運三風水, 掌紋呢的排到好後, 況且掌紋會隨人長大而改變, 不可盡信啦囡~Elaine > 點靈法? Merry X’mas to you too > 咁我又唔清楚, 可能打去 CS 問下.八運館 – 仲達 > 謝謝你的好意, 不過老實講我已經唔多信風水命理呢o的o野 (曾經有 3-4 個的算命老師都話我 28 歲結婚, the reulst as what you can see now la huh……), 咁朋友叫到, 又一齊去下, 咁啦.Sze > Elaine 果本我都無見到.數奇門 > 睬過你 =_= 無白事!!無白事!!仲有工返!!仲有工返!!imak > ……其實呢….我除左解籤, 都另外卜左支卦, 都係, 好衰下……..anf > 唉你都係跌左? 好慘呀我地~嗚嗚嗚嗚~Hana > All the best to you too, 我都想的衰運快的走~肥貓 > 聖誕快樂 🙂